About Us

Community Canine Project was established in December of 2018 by several volunteers heavily involved in different aspects of animal welfare.

our focus

Community Canine Project has four major focuses including Large Scale Enrichment Efforts, Shelter Support, Community Adoption Events, and RTOs (Return to Owners).


Group Walks

CCP coordinates frequent group walks at the Maricopa County municipal shelter with the goal of walking 100+ dogs at each event

Group Day Foster

Off-site group outings for shelter dogs 10+ dogs taken out on day foster from the shelter for a hike or a stroll around a local park. The dogs not only enjoy time away from the shelter, but also homemade treats, a chance for skilled photographers to capture great photos, and for dogs to get some basic leash work.

play groups

CCP volunteers have carved out two days a week to facilitate self-run play groups.  Thanks to these volunteers and their commitment to being trained as play group leads, they are able to regularly run groups to help get multiple dogs out at a time. Play groups offer dogs the opportunity to just be dogs. For those that are social, this is such an important time for them to have positive interactions at the shelter to keep them mentally healthy and happy.

Shelter Dogs

Play Yard

weekly enrichment

CCP teams up with supporters on social media on the first of each month to acquire enrichment items. Our community comes together to purchase enough bully sticks for two weeks of enrichment and CCP matches that by purchasing the items for the remaining two weeks.  Previous activities include “Sit for Treat” – helping dogs with their kennel presence and “Four on the Floor” for a peanut butter covered nylabone. These activities aim to connect with every dog at the shelter to offer mental stimulation and positive human interaction.

shelter support – Mcacc

Our group has a passion and love for the dogs at the Maricopa County municipal shelter. Under-funded, under-staffed, and over capacity at all times, this shelter is always in need of financial support. Community Canine Project aims to grow its ability to provide financial relief to MCACC.

Presently, CCP is supporting the shelter in the form of specific items requested by staff and volunteers. The current Behavior Supervisor is working diligently on a project to reduce the sound levels in the kennel wings (which she tested and the sound levels were so high they matched that of a plane taking off), CCP has funded the first wing of supplies for this project. CCP also finds ways to increase fundraising for the shelter such as offering matches for fundraising.

MCACC is the second highest intake shelter in the nation, so CCP believes that the focus should be kept locally.

community adoption events

In an effort to help the shelter in another way, CCP has been working to create off-site adoption opportunities.

This is a chance for members of the public to meet great dogs, outside of their kennels, and away from the stress of the shelter environment.

Our last adoption event resulted in 10 adoptions. We look forward to continuing to find innovative ways to match adopters with shelter dogs!

rtos (return to owner)

In partnership with Two Pups Wellness Fund, Community Canine Project sponsors all Return To Owner microchips.

What is an RTO microchip?

When an Animal Care Officer (ACO) receives a call to pick up a stray dog, they immediately try to reunite the dog with its family before bringing him/her to the shelter. Many dogs that run away are repeat offenders.

The quickest and most efficient way to reunite a dog with its owner is by a microchip with current information.

Two Pups Wellness Fund and CCP have joined together to provide free microchips to any dog that is picked up and reunited with its owner. On average this is about 200 new dogs microchipped per month. These dogs are then easily returned to their owners if they run away again.


Our community

Pictured below are some of the faces working tirelessly to carry out the Community Canine Project mission day in and day out.


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3104 E Camelback Rd. # 391
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